Lethal Advanced Quick Sealer


Our Lethal Advanced Quick Sealer helps lock in your car’s wax or ceramic spray when applied to clean, painted surfaces.

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Lethal Advanced Paint Sealant is perfect for locking in your painted surfaces, sealing and protecting the longevity of the paint and products used on the painted surface. Protects and enhances the gloss of the painted surfaces. Comes in SI02 Formula used on vehicles with a ceramic coating. The non SI02 Formula is used for vehicles that use traditional wax on the painted surfaces.

Wash vehicle first if dirty with Lethal Waterless Wash or Lethal Car Shampoo. Shake the product well before using. Apply a few quarter-size dots to each to one panel at a time. Then wipe the panel using the low pile side of a 420 gsm microfiber towel to spread out the Lethal Paint Sealer across the entire panel. Lethal Paint Sealant will start to haze. Once the panel is completely hazed use the high pile side of a clean 420 gsm and buff the surfaces to a shine. Move to the next panel and repeat the process until the entire vehicle is completed. Do not let the product dry to the surface. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply to only cool surfaces.

The Result
Lethal Advanced Paint Sealant is manufactured to ensure product consistency throughout each bottle. It is designed to protect the vehicles finish without causing damage. Provides an unparallel glossy shine and slick surface to the painted areas for a fantastic and professional result anyone can achieve.

Pairs Well With:

  • Lethal Advanced Waterless Wash
  • Lethal Advanced Paint Sealer
  • Lethal Glass Cleaner

Harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting. Contact Poison Control Immediately. Use only as directed. If splashed in the eyes, remove contact lenses and flush the eyes for 15 minutes. Immediately consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

What Is Top Tier Quality?
Lethal Car Care Products are produced in a state-of-the-art chemical facility, under strict supervision and quality control while using top-quality ingredients. Our products undergo years of testing to perfect their performance. It is released to the public for sale only after it passes our strict standards and testing. If supercar owners trust this on their vehicles, we know it’s perfect for your daily driver.